Funky, Soulful... Fresh

Tops of Trees, a newly budding original music group growing roots in Upstate NY. A drum and bass focused vibe featuring a soulful horn section, fervent guitars and classic organ, pulling you by the waist into a melodic funk pilgrimage. 

A modern interpretation of soulful music steeped in early R&B, funk and blues.   

Join The Saplings and come with us as we pioneer a new age of music – Trunk Funk.

Damian Ubriaco

Lead vocals & Guitar

Damian is the creative force behind Tops of Trees' soulful  sound. As the band's songwriter and main vocalist, he draws on a wealth of musical influences to craft powerful and emotive songs that resonate with audiences. Damian's lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, and his soulful, raw vocals imbue each performance with a sense of authenticity and vulnerability.

Troy Helmer

Drums & Vocals

Troy is a skilled drummer with a passion for creating dynamic and rhythmic beats. He brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the stage, and his solid grooves serve as the foundation for Tops of Trees' Trunk Funk sound. With years of experience playing in various musical genres, Troy is a versatile musician who can adapt to any style of music. He is an essential part of Tops of Trees, and his infectious energy and musicality help to elevate the band's live performances.

Thunderous bass of Tops of Trees. Rumbling rhythms. #music #bass #TopsOfTrees

Ken Juhas

Bass & Vocals

Ken is a master of the low end, bringing a unique and distinctive voice to Tops of Trees' Trunk Funk sound. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, Ken's bass playing incorporates elements of funk, jazz, and R&B, creating a rich and textured sound that adds depth and complexity to the band's music. He is a consummate professional, with a keen ear for melody and a strong sense of groove, and his playing is always tight, precise, and in the pocket.

Electrifying guitar of Tops of Trees. Fiery solos, riffs. #music #guitar #TopsOfTrees

Aaron Profitt

Lead Guitar

Scintillating guitar leads with a passion for exploring new soundscapes and improvisation techniques. As an electrical engineer, Aaron is constantly modifying his equipment to achieve unique tones that inspires creativity and aim to push the boundaries of Trunk funk.

Soulful keys of Tops of Trees. Lush chords, melodies. #music #keys #TopsOfTrees

Derek Skala


Derek is the wizard behind the keys, bringing a classic organ sound to Tops of Trees' Trunk Funk sound. With a deep appreciation for the great organists of the past, Derek's playing is steeped in the traditions of jazz, blues, and gospel music. His signature sound is warm and soulful, with a rich harmonic palette that creates a lush and immersive sonic landscape.

Ryan Zampella


Ryan is the saxophonist of Tops of Trees, known for his soulful and groovy playing that elevates the Trunk Funk sound to new heights. With a deep understanding of jazz and funk, Ryan's playing is characterized by his impeccable timing and sense of groove, as well as his ability to effortlessly switch between blistering solos and smooth melodies.